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Glass Museums

Broadfield House Glass Museum:  The museum was closed in 2016 and the contents put into storage . A new museum The White House Cone Museom of Glass will open in 2022 to house the Broadfield House Collection .This collection established a reputation as one of the major glass museums in the world. The museum has an excellent collection of British glassware, covering the broad spectrum of glassmaking, from 18th Century tableware through to Victorian cameo and modern studio glass. There is also a studio, where visitors can learn about the skills of glassblowing. The new museum is adjacent to The Red House Glass Cone in Stourbridge.

Red House Cone: The Red House Glass Cone gives an insight into the practices, history and traditions of glassmaking. There are exhibition galleries, detailing the story of glassmaking in the Stourbridge area, as well as the history of the cone itself. There are also demonstrations by skilled glassblowers, who give a practical insight into the various techniques of glass manufacture.

The Corning Museum of Glass: Home to one of the world’s most comprehensive and celebrated collections of glassware. As well as detailing the many features of the museum, the Corning Museum Website also has an online archive, providing access to a wealth of information on the history and techniques of glass making.

Victoria & Albert Museum: The Victoria and Albert Museum holds the National Collection of Glass. It includes more than 6000 pieces, from the Middle East, Europe and America, and illustrates the 4000-year history of glass, from the 2nd millennium BC to the present.

Turner Glass Museum, Sheffield: The Turner Museum of Glass is one of the UK's most interesting and comprehensive collections of nineteenth and twentieth century glass. From drinking glasses to contemporary installations the Museum celebrates the skill and artistry of glassmakers. Pieces by all the major European and American glassmakers are on display and the collection is unrivalled in its display of work from the 1920s to the 1950s.

Glass Associations, Organisations and Collectors Clubs CGS is a non-profit making limited company by guarantee founded with dual objectives of encouraging excellence in glass as a creative medium and developing a greater awareness and appreciation of contemporary glass world wide.

Vaseline Glass Collectors, Inc. A non-profit organisation incorporated in 1998 to educate and unify Vaseline Glass collectors everywhere.

Association for the History of Glass: The AHG's main objectives are to advance public knowledge and interest in the historical, archaeological, aesthetic and technological study of glass for all periods of history and in all parts of the world, together with the problems of conservation and preservation of glass.

Guild of Glass Engravers: The Glass Engravers Guild aims to promote the highest standards of creative design and craftsmanship. The Guild acts as a forum for the discussion of engraving techniques and developments from around the world. They also provide the general public with information on all aspects of glass engraving, and offer advice for those people interested in commissioning contemporary artworks.

Westmoreland Glass Clubs: This site provides an opportunity to learn more about this collectable glassware, and see photos of items from member collections ranging from commonplace and familiar, to very rare and exquisite.

The National American Glass Club: The National American Glass Club is an international organisation for those interested in the study and appreciation of glass. The British Society of Master Glass Painters, founded in 1921, is Britain's only organisation devoted exclusively to the art and craft of stained glass. The Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Painters of Glass supports the craft of stained glass with grants, prizes and scholarships, some especially for recent graduates.


The Glass Message Board This forum enables glass enthusiasts to share their knowledge and discuss the many different aspects of glass collecting. There is also an area where you can submit pieces of glass for identification.

Ysart Glass This Website is a valuable source of information about glassmakers from the Spanish family Ysart (working in Perth, Scotland, since 1922). The site has many articles on the history and identification of glass produced by the Ysarts. There are also articles on Vasart, Monart and other similar manufacturers.

The Collectors Weekly The Collectors Weekly is a resource for collectors and people who love antiques and vintage items. This Website showcases the passion and knowledge of collectors everywhere and is great place to explore and learn about collecting.

General Glass Sites A biennial glass festival, featuring international glass artists and glass related events, exhibitions, tours and master-classes.

The National Glass Collectors Fair: Britain’s leading antique and collectable glass fair – With a wide choice of glassware, from 18th Century drinking glasses through to modern Studio Glass.

The National Glass Centre: Based in Sunderland(UK), the National Glass Centre is dedicated to promoting glass in all its uses; in design and technology and as a vehicle for artistic expression.

The World of Glass: The St. Helens Glass visitors centre has various attractions, including glass-blowing demonstrations and various exhibitions.

Cambridge Glass Fair: Glass collecting's most exciting fair. 300 years of glass in one day. A great day out, excellent food, an exhibition and superb glass.