Glass Images

There are three types of image gallery (so far) on the site. You will need to be logged in to see the images.

A Gallery contains associated images (displayed with a View), with a specific content type for each gallery, images are uploaded individually. The Gallery shows clickable thumbnails in a grid. See the Cloudy White Lattice images for an example of this type of gallery.
Cloudy White Lattice  


If you only have a few photos to share, add them to the the Glass Gallery. The Glass Gallery contains unrelated individual clickable thumbnail images displayed with a View, content type Glass Gallery, images are uploaded individually. You can add these images yourself, see Using the web site.
Glass Gallery  
This is a Colorbox Gallery starting with 1 large image and a grid of thumbnails. Click on the large image or any of the thumbnails to display large images in a slideshow.
Adamson Goblets